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Why Do HR Professionals Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence?

If you looked at the way most companies operate, you’d probably get the impression that HR Technology has not been revised in a long time. But there’s one form of HR Tech that is making game-changing inroads: Artificial Intelligence. AI is an innovation that’s here to challenge traditional recruitment tools by cutting down on the mundane tasks that are a part of your recruiting and hiring processes.

What is AI, exactly?

It’s machine intelligence informed by human intelligence. When AI is applied to business processes in general – and human resources processes in particular -- that could mean a number of benefits, including:

  • Better decision making

  • Considerable cost reductions

  • Higher efficiencies

  • Higher productivity of workers

  • Fewer mistakes in making decisions

  • Greater savings in labor hours and resources

Busy Office

AI is proving to be a faster and more efficient alternative for companies to integrate as a part of their HR processes. Forbes has reported that revenues from AI are expected to reach $59.8 billion by 2025 and fourteen members of Forbes Coaches Council stated that they expect AI to change hiring and recruiting practices in the near future – either by making the overall process faster and more efficient, or by reducing bias.

We at Alyss developed our own AI (consisting of machine learning and neural networks) to evaluate soft skills in potential employees via video analysis. Our technology analyzes 35 features from the micro-expressions and vocal tone of the candidate. Every minute of candidate video produces around 30,000 data points for Alyss to analyze and learn from. Alyss will then score each candidate on 4 soft skill attributes: Positivity, Articulation, Confidence, and Energy.

New Hires

Alyss reduces the workload for you and your HR team by automating many of the responsibilities that are time-consuming and laborious for workers – like meeting candidates face-to-face to assess their personalities, potential fit within your culture, and their intangible traits.

According to a LinkedIn report on Global Trends in Recruiting, recruiters and hiring managers across the globe perceive that AI is a bold disrupter. Sixty-seven percent said it is helping them save time, 58% said it’s helping them source candidates, and 43% said it’s removing human bias. Thirty-one percent said that AI technology is delivering the best candidate matches.

Bottom line: Artificial intelligence is here to stay. If you want to see Alyss Analytics in action and explore how it can make the mundane tasks of hiring and recruiting easier in your organization, get in touch with us.

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