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The Problem with Candidate Sorting Software

What did we ever do before automation software and candidate sorting software? How did we ever find the time to actually hire anybody?

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Most HR software simply performs keyword matching and “automated screening” –a process that inevitably misses out on a few star-in-the-making candidates. The Applicant Tracking System you’re using may be able to rank candidates and generate a call list based on education, experience, and skills. Yes, these programs do save a hiring manager valuable hours of time -- and hopefully you are spending that extra time engaging personally with prospects or enhancing the candidate experience!

But you’re probably missing a lot of perfect matches due to a false confidence in automated HR rejection.

AI tools like Alyss Analytics align with the programs and procedures you’re currently using. In fact, it helps you optimize them. Through the evaluation of soft skills in the pre-interview phase, Alyss helps you narrow your search, saving you time and allowing you to place your focus on productive tasks. Candidates are able to present the best version of themselves and inefficiencies are minimized – giving you, the recruiter, and the candidate more “time freedom.” Since Alyss doesn’t rely on additional internal input from you or your HR team, you can have the added edge of soft skills analysis without any loss of time.

It also results in a better candidate experience for your applicants, as it allows them to establish a personal connection with the company, and perhaps bypass the automated rejection funnel.

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Our machine intelligence was based on the capability and perceptions of human intelligence. When our AI is applied to your business process, it results in better decision making, higher efficiency, and considerable cost reduction to your human resources department. Wouldn’t fewer mistakes in the hiring decisions made translate to greater saving in staff hours and resources?

One of the big benefits of incorporating an HR tech like Alyss Analytics into your ATS is the considerable reduction of cost and time in your candidate sourcing and screening process.

And we’re on our way to becoming a key differentiator for enterprise organizations navigating a large pool of competitive talent.

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