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We are Pitching at Collision

We’re excited to share with all of you that we have been accepted into this year’s PITCH competition at Collision 2018. The program, which gives us the opportunity to “pitch” our business to a team of world-class judges, in a 3-round format, will provide us with insight and advice on our business strategy, along with a HUGE platform to help us launch Alyss to the market.

As an accepted member of Collision’s ALPHA program and a start-up who has raised under $3M, we passed the basic requirements to apply for the competition. We had to file our application and lay out our business strategy explaining who we are, what we do, our technology, and our financials. After review by the PITCH committee, Alyss was selected as one of ONLY 70 businesses to represent themselves in PITCH at Collision.

While we took some time to celebrate this honor, we had work to do! We had to convert our normal PITCH deck into a 180 second presentation! How do you convey your entire business in 3 minutes?! With help from everyone on the Alyss team, we came up with a unique, creative way to tell our story, that helps reinforce our commitment to the video-medium. The competition breaks the 70 businesses down into 10 groups of 7. In the first round, each of the 7 businesses in our group will present to a team of judges who will score us on the quality of our pitch, the product/service we offer, the ability to disrupt (read: scalability), financials, and our team. There is also a 3-minute open-ended Q & A section.

The highest scoring business makes it out of the group and on to semi-finals. The semi-final round adds an additional 10 pre-qualified start-ups to repeat the process and 3 make it to the final round! Finalists are given an opportunity to close the conference presenting to a team of 30 judges and an audience of up to 1000. The winner is crowned PITCH champion for Collision 2018! We’re excited about this exposure opportunity and can’t wait to take part! Wish us luck!

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