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AI-driven Talent Acquisition Software Hits Marketplace

Alyss Analytics launches technology that uses artificial intelligence to quantify job applicant soft skills.

WICHITA, Kan. (May 15, 2018) - Alyss Analytics is an AI-powered software program that can measure soft skills of job applicants recorded through video. The product was officially launched in late April at Collision 2018 in New Orleans, LA.

As a hiring tool, Alyss Analytics was born out of the frustration experienced by founder Mike Mathia’s 20 years as a professional HR executive and recruiter. During his career, he felt restricted to making contact and interview decisions based on the limited candidate information contained within a resume.

“Alyss Analytics is poised to transform an industry that is resume-centric and make it what it should be - candidate centric,” says Mathia.

Alyss will mine candidate video metadata that will provide a deeper layer of analytics into the candidate metrics from information contained within the video itself. Qualitative information on a candidate’s energy, confidence and articulation (among other traits) can become quantified before a lengthy engagement is created.

Taylor Stevenson, Strategic Partnerships Executive, says, “Alyss is one of the few AI-driven technologies to evaluate soft-skills using the video medium. This gives companies the ability to get comparative soft-skills analysis in the pre-screen phase, leading to better, faster hiring decisions.”

Stevenson adds, “We want the world to know that unique, innovative, and disruptive companies are being built in the heart of the Midwest. Our acceptance into Collision’s PITCH competition validates this.”

The Alyss technology can be leveraged across broad market segments that include career fairs, academic research, employers, municipalities and staffing agencies.


Media contact:

Taylor Stevenson, Strategic Partnerships Executive

(620) 218-2048

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