Our Vision

We believe that people are more important than paper. Finding the right fit for your team can be personal from the very beginning of the hiring process.


In a world of data driven decisions, let our Alyss A.I. be your companion to give you new insights on the mountains of data to find the right people, faster. 


How Alyss Works

1. Record or Upload Video

2. Alyss Analyzes

 3. Review Scores

The core of Alyss can be categorized by three unique approaches - Facial Mapping, Speech Content, & Delivery. This allows Alyss to uncover the non-verbal patterns of communication alongside deeper linguistic analysis. 

Custom Candidate Insights.

Submitting a video allows for the quick view of your Alyss' insights to 20,000+ data points from a short 1-2 minute video. Try it on desktop or mobile!

Visualize Soft Skills Across your Organization.

Measuring soft skills across your applicant flow and employees is now available with Alyss. Not only do we measure these intangibles with a Big 5 Analysis, we can measure it's impact from an individual to a cross-organization level. 


Tel: 316 - 425 7200

121 N Mead Ste 109

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